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What is PayCheckUp?

The PayCheckup app allows you to project your tax results, adjust your paycheck withholding, and proactively manage your finances in minutes, simply by using a current pay stub.

Instead of just guessing what your paycheck tax withholding should be, the PayCheckup app uses current tax law and an advanced payroll withholding calculator to forecast your tax bill at the end of the year, and allows you to make adjustments ahead of time to minimize surprises on tax day. 


The PayCheckup app provides a suite of tools to better understand your finances and manage your withholding.

01. Withholding Calculator

Are you starting a new job, or is your hourly pay or salary changing? PayCheckup can calculate your withholding and take-home pay for each pay cycle. See how different filing statuses and allowances will change your withholding, and use that information when filling out a Form W-4 with your employer.

02. Withholding Comparison

Do you ever wonder how changing your withholding will affect your paycheck? PayCheckup lets you run side-by-side scenarios to see how changes to your filing status or allowances will impact your take-home pay.

03. Tax Estimation Tool

If you've ever wondered how changing your payroll now will impact your tax bill next April, this is the tool for you. Evaluate whether you are over- or under-withholding on each paycheck, and how changes to your withholding today will impact your potential refund. Maximize your take-home pay and optimize your tax plan in minutes.

04. Form W-4  generator

Skip downloading forms and manually filling them out. Whether you're starting a new job or updating withholding in your current job, PayCheckup allows you to quickly generate a form W-4 in minutes. Just print, sign, and submit to your payroll department. 

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